Tips to Improve PHP Application Performance

When the application are bigger and using many resources then obviously application response time would be too more and end user can wait for log time to get response from application, that is not good for end user as well as for application.
Here we will discussed some points, how to improve PHP web application performance, There are some simple things which must be in developer mind , when he is developing application.
Using the below action we can have significant positive impact on application performance. However, these are very strong point to improve application performance but These can also be a drawback depending on how your application is built.

Simple 6 tips to improve PHP application Performance

  1. Add js file into footer: Normally we uses js file in head section of application, but some time js file loading time is more and application is waiting for load js file finally result performance down.
  2. Use Caching : Use memcache or APC cache module for caching features in application.
  3. Using Indexes in Table : Add index in database as per your update/search SQL.
  4. Using Singleton Connection String: You can use persistent or singleton connection for MYSQL or other database.
  5. Avoid unnecessary variable :You can avoid unnecessary variable initialization, Normally developer first assign result to variable and then echo/return variable, another way we can directly echo/return.
  6. Remove unused variable
  7. You can unset variable which are unused in your application.