Google Releases New Dart SDK Milestone 4

Google on Tuesday has been released new Dart SDK Milestone 4 (v0.4.7 r21548). You can download here. This versions is the fourth milestone now from

The Dart is Google’s open-source project for structured and scalable web programming. Dart compiles to JavaScript and runs across the open modern web..

The official changes log for Dark SDK are following:

1- Core, collection, and async libraries are now stable. There will be no more breaking changes to these libraries.
2-Performance improved in both the dart2js compiler and the Dart VM.
3-Dart Editor comes with an all-new analysis engine for faster real-time feedback.
4-Classes can be used as mixins.

Google said, dart2js now generates more efficient code. Compared to the previous M3 release, DeltaBlue runs twice as fast and Richards runs 40% faster. The native Dart VM now runs Richards twice as fast as V8. On DeltaBlue, the VM improved by 22%. Details are available at

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