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Utilizing the Chatwing Chatroom – Group Chat URL

Chatting is a great way to pass the time online, if you don’t have anything to do. So if you’re bored or just have the urge to chat with your friends, then a good chatroom is what you need. Chatwing is just the tool you’re looking for. Complimented with a lot of features that boost its chatting capabilities, this chat software will surely provide you only the best chatting experience.

Here’s a simple tutorial in making a Chatwing chatroom.


The first thing you need to do is get a Chatwing account. You need to go to its homepage and find the Register button. Open the registration form and type in your email address and the password for the account you’re going to make. Check the boxes below it afterwards, before submitting it. If the page redirects you to another page, it will mean that the registration process has been successful.


The Dashboard

The next page you’re going to be in is the Dashboard. You can see two things here – a chatroom and a moderator list which are both currently as of now. Your newly created chatrooms can be seen and managed here, as well as your assigned moderators. To create a new chatroom, press the Create chatbox button – you’ll be redirected to the next page after this too.


Customization Page

By pressing the aforementioned button, you can create your chatroom. However, the chatroom you have now is still half-done. That doesn’t mean you can’t use it right away, though – it just means that the chatroom’s capabilities can still be improved further. And you can do that here, in the Customization page.

There are no definite instructions as to how you go through this page. That’s because all you need to do here depends on you. To summarize, as the page implies, you’re going to modify your chatroom here using the customization options supplied.

Customizing can be done using two methods – Basic and Advanced mode. Basic has seven customization tabs while Advanced has all the customization options that Basic mode has with the addition of several new options, grouped into fifteen tabs in all. The modes can be alternated by pressing the Switch button on top of the customization page.

Some of these tabs have Save buttons at the button. To save your changes, you need to press the buttons. You can see them take effect on the preview window at the right side of the page. Press the Use button when you’re done modifying the chatroom. It’s found at the top of the Customization page, along with the Switch button.


Embedding Page

After customizing the chatroom, it’s time to use it. The embedding page is where you can choose the methods of doing that. The best option for you, unless you’re a site owner, is Group Chat URL – pick that.

You can see two URLs here. There’s a long one which is the original URL of your chatroom and the shorter one which is your alias. You can pick any of the two as it will only give the same results, though the shorter one is used more often as it is easier to memorize – you can even change it in the Customization page under the alias tab.


Copy the URL and paste it into your internet browser. It’ll take just a quick moment to load up but after that, you can already use your chatroom. Invite your friends over by sharing them the link to your chatroom. They can access it the same way you did.


Using the Chatroom

Your chatters won’t have a hard time joining in. You can make use of Chatwing’s lenient login methods to do that. With it, they can use their social media accounts in joining in. This makes it easier for you to recognize them too, as their avatar will be their profile pictures of the said social media they used to login. As of now, they can use their Google, Yahoo, Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr and Instagram accounts to log in.


You, as the chatroom owner, can easily manage the chatroom and control the flow of the messages inside it. If there are any nuisances, uninvited people or spammers inside, you can just ban them instantly with a simple mouse click. You can easily delete their messages, one at a time or all at once per person. Lastly, you can assign moderators that can have these controls too which will greatly help you in managing the chatroom.


Chatwing has a lot more uses than just as a tool used in chatting. It can support sites when it comes to providing customer satisfaction or as a tool to promote services and products. It can do all that through its features and excellent chatting capability. And this nifty gadget is a tool that anyone can get for free.

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