Available customer API Methods in magento

This magento tutorial help to get customer information from magento database through API.normally when we are talking about web-service then first we should know about resource name and method name of web service with request and response parameters before call web service methods.

For handling of customer information in Magento’s database, the following methods are available.

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Customer API Methods in Magento

  • Resource name: customer
  • customer.list—Retrieve customers
  • customer.create—Create customer
  • customer.info—Retrieve customer data
  • customer.update—Update customer data
  • customer.delete—Delete customer

Customer Groups API Methods

  • Resource name: customer_group
  • customer_group.list—Retrieve

Customer Address API Methods

  • Resource name: customer_address
  • customer_address.list—Retrieve
  • customer addresses
  • customer_address.create—Create
  • customer address
  • customer_address.info—Retrieve
  • customer address
  • customer_address.update—Update
  • customer address
  • customer_address.delete—Delete
  • customer address