Threaded Comment Replies to Improve Conversations on Facebook

Faceboook is launching new threaded comment functionality. It’s very awesome user experience, with help of this anyone can reply directly to comments left on your Page content and start conversation as new threads.

By Vadim Lavrusik, Journalism Program Manager
Starting today, we’re launching a new comments feature designed to improve conversations.
You and your readers will have the ability to reply directly to comments left on your Page content and start conversation threads, which will make it easier for you to interact directly with individual readers and keep relevant conversations connected. Also, the most active and engaging conversations among your readers will be surfaced at the top of your posts ensuring that people who visit your Page will see the best conversations.

You will be able to opt-into Replies through the Page admin panel in the Manage Permissions section where you will see a prompt to turn Replies on. Once you opt-in, you will be able to opt-out but all Pages will have the feature enabled on July 10, 2013. When you opt-in, you will see the feature show up on new posts on the Page. Also, the feature will be automatically turned on for profiles with more than 10,000 followers. At launch, this feature will only be available on desktop and we plan to make it available in the Graph API and mobile in the future.

After months of testing, we have seen how the new feature can improve conversations and be used to start open dialogues with the community.

How to turn on Replies:

Step 1: go to your manage permissions setting.
Step 2: Enable ‘Replies’ select box and save changes.
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